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Dubai shatters all records for cost of solar with Earth's largest solar power plant (Renewable Energy World, 2016-05-02).

Morocco to switch on first phase of world's largest solar plant (The Guardian, 2016-02-04).

Desert tower raises Chile's solar power ambition to new heights (The Guardian, 2015-12-22).

Morocco poised to become a solar superpower with launch of desert mega-project (The Guardian, 2015-10-26).

Solar power drives development in Tasslmante, Morocco (World Future Council, 2015-08-12).

Let’s build a global power grid (IEEE Spectrum, 2015-07-28).

Concentrating solar power under fire: glaring planning oversight or easily remedied issue? (, 2014-04-08).

Is solar-powered desalination answer to water independence for California? (The Guardian, 2014-01-28).

CSP key players focus on the desert (, 2013-07-25).

German Foreign Office supports DESERTEC Foundation with Dialogue in Morocco and Tunisia (Desertec Foundation press release, 2013-07-19).

More than 1 GW of CSP headed for MENA (, 2013-07-05).

Dii bekräftigt Strategie und reorganisiert Spitze (Solarify, 2013-07-09).

Desertec’s collapse unlikely to affect EU energy plans (RTCC, 2013-07-05).

Global desert energy project hit by key partner's exit (, 2013-07-05).

Desert solar power partners Desertec Foundation and Dii split up (The Guardian, 2013-07-05).

Saudi Arabia starts survey assessing renewable energy potential (, 2013-07-02).

Desertec Foundation is leaving the industrial consortium Dii (Desertec Foundation press release, 2013-07-01). See also Desertec loses its initiator (Frankfurter Allgemeine, 2013-06-30). In German.

Desertec abandons Sahara solar power export dream (EurActiv, 2013-05-31).

Why is Reuters puzzled by global warming's acceleration? (The Guardian, 2013-04-14).

IBM unveils cheap solar system with promise to harness 2,000 suns (Business Green, 2013-04-24).

Saudi Arabia looks to NREL for solar monitoring expertise (, 2013-04-22). Saudi Arabia is jumping headlong into renewable energy, with plans to install more solar and wind power in the next 20 years than the rest of the world has installed to date.

First Solar beefs up Desertec role (Business Green, 2013-03-12).

DII Newsletter, March 2013

Desertec Foundation endorses Desertec Power for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Desertec Foundation press release, 2013-02-20).

SolarReserve launches expression of interest for 100 MW CSP project, South Africa (CSP Today, 2013-01-11).

Inside MENA countries' solar energy plans (, 2013-01-16

SolarReserve gets approval for 150-MW CSP plant in Maricopa County, AZ (

DESERTEC Foundation Director Dr. Gropp: "Climate Conference in Doha to lead us into a dangerous impasse" (Desertec Foundation news release, 2012-11-27).

Growing food in the desert: is this the solution to the world's food crisis (The Guardian, 2012-11-24).

Desert solar power chief denies crisis (The Guardian, 2012-11-20).

Solar storm as desert plan to power Europe falters (BBC News, 2012-11-19).

"We want the big energy revolution" (Google, interview with Paul van Son, 2012-11-08).The second finding is that when we talk of desert power, we are talking mainly of wind power and only a minor part of photovoltaic and solar thermal. In fact, wind power in North Africa will make up more than half of the production, this finding was also an eye-opener for us."

Desertec's promise of solar power for Europe fades (Spiegel International, 2012-11-13). See also A Desertec founder laments a lack of support (Spiegel International, 2012-11-13).

Asia’s ‘Supergrid’: Gobi desert wind farm in the works (Smart Planet, 2012-10-24).

Siemens exits solar, Desertec in green portfolio setback (Bloomberg Business Week, 2012-10-22).

Saudi Arabia reveals plans to be powered entirely by renewable energy (The Guardian, 2012-10-19).

Morocco's renewable energy future - video (The Guardian, Desertec, 2012-09-20).

Strong on solar: Australia eyes CSP leadership (, 2012-08-29).

Construction of world’s largest concentrating solar power plant reaches halfway mark (Clean Technica, 2012-08-17).

Solar power rises in the Mideast, North Africa (CNBC, 2012-06-07).

CSP: It needs a new way of thinking about energy (RE New Economy, 2012-06-06). A new report outlining the prospects of solar thermal energy has underlined its enormous potential for Australia, saying it could provide between a third and even one half of the nation’s energy needs, but notes it may require a new of thinking about energy production and delivery.

New Chilean director to strengthen management team of the Desertec Foundation (Desertec Foundation news release, 2012-06-02).

$336M funding for Desertec’s Saharan solar dream (Earth Techling, 2012-05-31).

Solar power in MENA (Reve, 2012-05-29). Masdar Power is leading renewable energy development and currently constructing a 100 MW Concentrating Solar Power facility, Shams 1, in Abu Dhabi, which is set to be completed by the end of the year.

UK aid to Morocco to fund electricity for Europe (Middle East Online, 2012-05-24).

Poverty group objects to clean technology fund in Morocco (Green Prophet, 2012-05-22).

Solar power - ABB and Novatec promise a revolution in CSP (Laser Focus World, 2012-05-16).

Web chat: Desertec Foundation (The Guardian, 2012-05-17).

Concentrating solar power in Egypt (Reve, 2012-05-13). The Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology has announced the launch of a pilot Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project to test units that can simultaneously produce electricity and desalinate water.

European renewable energy supergrid comes into focus (Sustainable Business, 2012-05-10).

Industry launches 'Norstec' partnership for North Sea renewables (Platts, 2012-04-26). The name is inspired by the "Desertec" project to produce solar power in the Sahara desert and export it to Europe.

Developments of climate change legislation in Mexico (Reve, 2012-04-23).

Saudis could export solar for the next twenty centuries (Green Prophet, 2012-04-12).

Is Desertec the answer to Europe and Africa's energy woes? (Forbes, 2012-03-15).

Desertec Foundation signs Memorandum of Understanding (Desertec Foundation news release, 2012-03-10). A year after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, the DESERTEC Foundation and the Japan Renewable Energy Foundation (JREF) will start to co-operate on promoting an Asian Super Grid necessary for the expansion of renewable energy in Asia.

Plugging the world into desert sun (Sydney Morning Herald, 2012-02-23).

2 gigawatts planned for Tunisia in fourth Desertec project (Sustainable Business, 2012-01-27).

$5 billion solar scheme for U.S., Spain, Middle East (Smart Planet, 2012-01-25).

Tunisian sun will light European homes by 2011 (Commodities-Now, 2012-01-24).

European-Algerian agreement for renewable energy development (Reve, 2012-01-20).

Desertec nation Algeria to host huge solar trade fair from Germany (Green Prophet, 2012-01-12).

India announces plans to produce 33.4 gigawatts of solar energy by 2022 (Inhabat, 2012-01-03).

World's largest solar plant powers up (The Independent, 2012-01-01).

World's largest solar plant powers up (The Independent on Sunday, 2011-12-31).

Could the desert sun power the world? (The Observer, 2011-12-11).

Algeria's Sonelgaz signs deal to export desert solar power to EU (Platts, 2011-12-09).

Commission welcomes Desertec and Medgrid cooperation on solar energy in North Africa and the Middle East (Europa press release, 2011-11-24).

EASAC says solar power can play “major role” in switch to renewables (Renewable Energy Magazine).

Desertec to start work on first solar plant in 2012 (Reuters, 2011-10-29). See also Morocco to host first solar farm in €400bn renewables network (The Guardian, 2011-11-02); Desertec taps Morocco for first piece of Sahara solar development (IEEE Sprectrum, 2011-11-02) - has interesting links to a report about planned power connection between Tunisia and Italy, and the Sahara Solar Breeder Project, turning sand into PV.

Committee publishes findings on 'European Supergrid' (press release from the Energy and Climate Change Committee, 2011-09-22).

Wind, water, and solar power for the World (IEEE Spectrum, September 2011).

In Europe, solar vs. solar (Smart Planet, 2011-09-07).

World Bank to fund massive grid expansion to link Desertec region and the Arab world (Green Prophet, 2011-01-06).

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