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Now that Desertec, CSP etc are better known, we have decided not to update our News pages.

News about these things can be found using the Google News service or, for regular news alerts by email, use Google Alerts. A few news items of particular interest will be detailed on a separate page.

For anyone who wants to look back over old news about Desertec etc, we will keep this news page on the Desertec-UK website and news pages from earlier years (for 2010, see the bottom of this page).

Many thanks to Ayesha Garrett for everything she has done in maintaining our News pages.

Here are links to web pages containing news of TREC, the DESERTEC proposals, CSP or HVDC (or any combination of those things). On other pages, there is related news. News from 2010 and earlier years can be found via the 2010 news page. Non-English articles can be translated with Google Translate.


  • DESERTEC: Reports which make specific mention of TREC or the DESERTEC proposals.
  • CSP: Reports with a focus on CSP.
  • CSP-PROJECT: News of specific CSP projects.
  • HVDC: Reports with a focus on large-scale HVDC transmission grids or the creation of a Europe-wide or EUMENA-wide single market for electricity, or both..
  • CSP-PROCESS: The use of solar heat or electricity from CSP plants to power industrial processes, including the synthesis of fuels.
  • CPV: Reports about the use of PV in conjunction with the concentrating technique.
  • PV: Reports about the large-scale use of PV in desert regions.
  • M denotes a contribution to the media by a member of TREC or DESERTEC-UK.


Area Title Source See also M
18 DESERTEC Linking energy and democracy Times of Malta    
17 CPV, DESERTEC Morocco aims to set up concentrated PV supply chain Optics    
16 DESERTEC Nuclear power is out, time for the Sahara Radio Netherlands Worldwide    
15 DESERTEC Looks Like Desertec & Morocco’s Govt Might Join Hands Green Prophet    
13 DESERTEC Morocco may fold Desertec flagship into national solar plan Recharge    
13 DESERTEC Future energy wars UPI    
10 DESERTEC Turning toward the sun for energy Grist    
10 CSP CSP - The Solar Alternative That Rivals Nuclear The Energy Collective    
9 DESERTEC Turning Toward the Sun for Energy IPS    
8 DESERTEC Giant solar ambitions in the Middle East Greenbang    
8 DESERTEC Desertec to take over from nuclear power Press Europ    
8 DESERTEC Arab Spring 'aids Sahara solar power plan' UPI    
8 CSP MENA Tipped for CSP Boom Renewable Energy World    
7 DESERTEC Arab Spring May Push Forward Desertec Solar Energy Plans Energy and Capital    
7 CPV San Diego's New CPV Solar Giant Renewable Energy World    
6 CSP 20MW Gemasolar Plant: Elegant, But Pricey The Energy Collective    
5 DESERTEC Arab Spring May Boost Chance for Desertec Solar Power Green Prophet    


Green energy in the Middle East Environmental Research Web    
2 CSP CSP-PV pricing: Mind the gap CSP Today    



Area Title Source See also M
27 HVDC French power link to run through Channel tunnel Independent    
27 DESERTEC 'Arab Spring' to juice power project? Cosmic Log    
26 DESERTEC Arab Spring Boosts Dream of Desert Power Der Spiegel    
23 DESERTEC Algeria will join solar initiative Desertec Utilities ME    
20 CSP US funds ‘tallest molten salt tower in the world’ Greenbang    
20 DESERTEC Middle East desert solar plan criticised Environmental Expert    
20 DESERTEC Desertec Solar Energy Plan underway in Morocco Morocco Board    
19 DESERTEC Groundbreaking Path - Morocco Investing in Solar Development Global Arab Network    
16 DESERTEC Power from the desert is a realistic option for Africa and Europe German Aerospace Centre    
11 DESERTEC Here comes the sun (and wind) energy The Daily News Egypt    
10 DESERTEC Paul Van Son: Tapping Egypt's solar power potential Al-Masry Al-Youm    


Area Title Source See also M
29 HVDC Siemens building HVDC transmission system with record capacity of 2,000 MW FavStocks    
26 CSP The nuclear industry's woes are great news for solar stocks Money Week    
26 CSP Creating Investor Certainty in Large-Scale Solar Renewable Energy World    
25 CSP BrightSource Guns for a $250M IPO Renewable Energy World    
21 DESERTEC Regional Energy Supply Challenges to be Addressed at Power Morocco PR Newswire    
17 CPV Abengoa Solar commercializes new high-concentration solar power photovoltaic system Reve    
15 CSP Google invests $168m in world's largest solar power tower plant The Guardian    
14 CPV Hot solar cells are the cool way to water and power New Scientist    
14 CSP Desert dawn The Economist    
11 HVDC BritNed power cable boosts hopes for European supergrid The Guardian    
5 DESERTEC Desertec concept gets boots in Tunisia African Manager    
5 DESERTEC Let The Deserts Power The World Big Think    
5 DESERTEC Deserts prove fertile ground for renewable energy Deutsche Welle    
5 DESERTEC Energy venture Desertec hopes sun will shine on a new future Globes    


Area Title Source See also M
31 DESERTEC Revolution offers a ray of hope for solar energy Al-Masry Al-Youm    
29 DESERTEC Saudis consider power exports The National    
23 DESERTEC 'Fueling continents with desert light is within our reach' Jerusalem Post    
22 DESERTEC Will solar development survive in North Africa and Middle East? Renewable Energy World    
13 DESERTEC A Solar and Wind Revolution From a Land of Oil New York Times    
7 CSP Grid Parity in the Arab World: Still Far Away Green Prophet    
3 CSP Solar energy spars with spiritual lands in California New Scientist    
1 HVDC Europe's Policymakers Sign up for a New Offshore Transmission Grid Renewable EnergyWorld    


Area Title Source See also M
24 DESERTEC Solar Energy and the Middle East Revolutions Reve    
23 DESERTEC Political unrest casts a shadow over Desertec energy project Deutsche Welle    
24 CSP Home Solar PV Cheaper Than Concentrating Solar Power Renewable Energy World    
14 CSP Research and Markets Brings out Report Titled “Green Energy in Africa” AZOCleanTech    
11 DESERTEC Solar Energy: Italian banks join Desertec project Ennahar Online FinChannel  
4 HVDC EU Commissioner Wants to Fund Super Grid with Euro Bonds Spiegel Online New York Times  
4 DESERTEC Desertec: Between EU expectations and turmoil in North Africa Solar Novus Today    


Area Title Source See also M
31   EU wants more money for clean energy UPI    
26 HVDC It’s the Smart Grid, stupid! News 24    
26 DESERTEC Clean power from deserts and adaptation to climate change (PDF, 311 KB, Our Planet, 2011-01-26). An article by Gerry Wolff, an updated version of The potential of power from deserts (SGR Newsletter, Summer 2007, Issue 34), with a section on how clean power from deserts can aid adaptation to climate change and more information about costs. Many thanks to Sir Brian Heap for the invitation to prepare this article.      
25 HVDC Supergrid (pdf) Nature    
22 CSP The promise of solar power, made a century ago The National    
20 CSP Algeria plans rapid green energy ramp-up Environmental Expert    
19 CSP Morocco to counter demand with renewables drive Utilities-me    
18 DESERTEC Revolution in Tunisia May Threaten Dii Goals Solar Novus    
17 CSP Egypt continues looking to wind energy to power some of its energy needs Reve    
14 HVDC European Supergrid Slowly Coming into Focus Renewable Energy World Environmental Research Web  
11 CSP Potential for Ethiopia to Produce and Export Renewable Energy Energy Pulse    
10 CSP Leading Deloitte Energy Experts attend Abu Dhabi's World Future Energy Summit AME Info    
9 DESERTEC Major power grid boost for the Gulf Gulf Daily News    
6 DESERTEC World Bank to Fund Massive Grid Expansion To Link Desertec Region and the Arab World Green Prophet    
6 DESERTEC Creating "Future Proof" Solar   Renewable Energy World  


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